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Now that the sun is finally coming out (or at least should be), it’s time to fill in our bodies with warmth and energy! Despite the rainy days, our days are getting longer and we are getting much more sunlight as before.

But before we get to our TUESDAY TRUTH, I’d like to thank my clients for their positive feedback. Here one I’d like to share:

“I have much more energy, I feel happier, I lost some weight, but I want to keep going and do and learn more!”

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Now to our “hot” topic of the day; vitamin D. Every week new studies seem to come out on the various effects of this amazing vitamin, which actually acts as a hormone in our body effecting so much more than just the normally thought bone health. Vitamin D is now linked to heart health (by decreasing the risk of high blood pressure and arterial damage), cancer risk and immune function as well as hypothesis of its effects on even type I diabetes and common flu. So, we really want to be sure we are getting enough of this miracle vitamin.

In the 1930’s to fight rickets, milk was fortified with vitamin D. After war there was a lack of milk and vitamin D was thought to extend the shelf life, so even more vitamin D was added by some stores, which resulted in hypercalcemia in some children. Due to this vitamin D fortification was banned in the EU until recently. We have been so cautious about having too much of vitamin D that we have led our societies to become vitamin D deficient. Over 60% of Swiss population is vitamin D deficient during winter!

So, how do we get enough? Now comes the best part; it’s cheap, easy, powerful and enjoyable: SUN! We can never get an overdose of vitamin D from the sun (of course there are other reasons not to get too much sun). A 20-minute sun bathing session with face, arms & legs without sun screen is enough! There are food sources, such as fish, eggs, mushrooms, but these are not enough to cover the lack of sun light we suffer 6 months of the year. For that time of year a vitamin D supplement is recommendable. Recommendation is 600 IU in Switzerland, however, even 1000 IU is recommended to get the health benefits it offers.

Wishing you some hot & sunny days!

Mirkka, your nutritionist

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