What you DON’T want to put on the grill every day (+ a delicious recipe)


Although the weather is not yet inviting us to grill (at least not here in Switzerland), the season is starting and now is the best time to check out what you’ll be putting on your grill to stay healthy and keep your kids healthy as well.


is about sausages or almost any processed meat. In the normal food pyramid recommendations sausages do not differ from any other kind of meat. However, in the recommendations from Harvard Medical School, which are purely based on science, advice to limit the use of processed meats, like sausages. Why is that? We usually concentrate on the fat content, which often is high and mostly saturated fats. However, we seldom talk about the additives that go into processed meats.


To keep the meat nice and pink, we need nitrates. We do get nitrates from many natural sources like water and some vegetables, and it is the same kind as in processed meat, but through washing, peeling and cooking, nitrates are lost from the vegetables. Also the benefits of the vegetables override the harmful effect of the nitrates. Another reason that the vegetable source of nitrates is not as harmful, is that they are delivered with antioxidants that prevent the harmful effect of nitrates.


Nitrates turn into nitrite in our body. Nitrites can react with certain amine containing substances found in food to form nitrosamines, which are known to be potent cancer causing chemicals. However, as said nitrosamine formation is prevented by antioxidants (like vitamin C in vegetables). On the other hand, a high intake of nitrates can lower the oxygen transport in the body, which can be critical especially to small babies.


By limiting the use of any processed meat with nitrates (E-codes 240-259) can help you control the intake of nitrates. There is no harm in having it occasionally; it all comes down to how much & how often. For small children there are recommendations, that you can see in this little fact sheet:


There are many other delicious ways to grill this summer – even making a delicious bean burger yourself. This was the first year I tried it, and it was a huge success!

cooking inspirations2

Wishing you a wonderful summer! – And if you want to make sure your friends are offering you & your kids healthier grill parties, do share this with them!


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